dwon Realty is a full service commercial real estate company serving the Tulsa area and northeastern Oklahoma region. Established in 1972, Adwon Realty services commercial real estate clients such as Quik Trip, Eckerd's, McDonald's, Wendy's and many others, as well as retail shopping centers and hotels.

With over 35 years in the business, Joe Adwon is one of the top professionals in the Tulsa real estate community. Adwon Realty contributes expertise in real estate investment planning, land and site development, site selection and negotiation.

Commercial real estate investment requires more than a basic knowledge of location and demographics. Adwon Realty offers expertise uncommon among real estate professionals. Joe Adwon has helped many investors also take advantage of tax strategies specifically suited to Oklahoma.

Few real estate brokers have the longevity, expertise and knowledge of the area that Adwon Realty provides. The brokers of Adwon Realty are intimately aquainted with the real estate market and uniquely connected to owners and opportunities available in the Tulsa area.

Retail clients will benefit from Adwon's considerable knowledge of the area, the underlying momentum and the information on trends and working deals which are not in the news. As a client of Adwon Realty, you can expect to get real-time information from one of the most respected broker-developers in the state, as well as insight on trends and caveats.